Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fast Vote?

Fast Vote is a free service created to quickly find out people's opinions on any subject. Fast Vote has no affiliation with and does not replace official voting. You can create a poll by visiting the home page and fill out the simple poll builder form. To find out more about UPNXT and this product visit the about us page.

Is Fast Vote free?

Yes! No account sign up is required.

The results page mentions a "Blockchain audit status". What is this?

Fast Vote makes use of a distributed blockchain to ensure the integrity of votes. This means each vote submitted is interlocked with the vote submitted before it and backed up to multiple servers. Tampering with any one vote is synonymous with physically cutting a link in metal chain, rendering it broken (noted by a "Invalid hash detected" message on the results page).

While the blockchain is a great way to ensure data integrity someone with the ability to tamper with a vote could re-compute the entire chain rendering the change valid. To prevent this type of manipulation we make use of a blockchain network consisting (currently) of three servers in append mode only. This now means that if someone wishes to tamper with data they must do so on all nodes of the network as we require 100% consensus to pass an audit. As each new node is added the ability to manipulate data greatly decreases.

Depending on popularity and demand, we may, In the future open up the possibility to join our network greatly increasing the rigidity of the blockchain and votes.